piggyBac YFP insertion

Project information

The BrainTrap database contains information on protein expression patterns in the Drosophila Melanogaster brain. Further details on the are available in the open access publication BrainTrap: a database of 3D protein expression patterns in the Drosophila brain (external link).

Protein trap lines

Drosophila protein trap strains were generated by the St Johnston Lab (external link) and the Russell Lab (external link) at the University of Cambridge, UK.

The piggyBac insertion method was used to insert constructs containing splice acceptor and donor sites, StrepII and FLAG affinity purification tags, and an EYFP exon (Venus), as depicted on the right. More details on each strain and images of other tissue types are available from Flyprot (external link).

Strains displayed on this website are available from the Kyoto Stock Center (listing pending) (external link)


Image acquisition

Brain images were acquired by Seymour Knowles-Barley, in the Armstrong Lab (external link) at the University of Edinburgh. Whole brain mounts were imaged by confocal microscopy, with a background immunohistochemical label added to aid the identification of brain structures. Additional immunohistochemical labelling of the EYFP protein using an anti-GFP antibody was also used in most cases. Further details are available on the staining protocol page.

The trapped protein signal (EYFP / anti-GFP), background signal (NC82 label), and the merged signal can be viewed on the website by using the corresponding channel buttons. In all images the trapped protein / EYFP signal appears green and the background / NC82 channel appears magenta.

Original .lsm image files are also available for download.


Brains in the MultiBrain (beta) area were registered to a common template using CMTK (external link).


Website development was by Seymour Knowles-Barley and Mark Longair.


If you use data or images from the BrainTrap website please cite the journal aritcle:

Seymour Knowles-Barley, Mark Longair, and J Douglas Armstrong (2010) BrainTrap: a database of 3D protein expression patterns in the Drosophila brain. Database (Oxford). 2010:baq005, doi: 10.1093/database/baq005.
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